January 3rd – Croquembouche


The Croquembouche is not just a dessert, it’s a gluttonous conglomeration of several sweet things that when consumed individually, can fill us with significant amounts of guilt.

Toffee or caramel, strawberry’s and smatterings of rich chocolate cascade down a mountain of custard filled pastry balls.

Not to mention the remorse should we overindulge.

It’s also the easiest of cakes to serve – just snap off a pastry sphere and stick in front of a salivating guest.

The croquembouche was given it’s name from the French phrase ‘Croque en bouche’, or “something that crunches in the mouth”. Depending on how much toffee you are served, that crunch might even be a tooth.

The croquembouche possibly dates as far back as the 16th Century, however it wasn’t formally recognised until recreated by French pastry chef Antoine Careme in the 18th Century.

It’s design is intended to make it a centrepiece of significant events, such as weddings and baptisms.


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