About Dan

Hi. I’m Dan. I like sport, watching sport, technology and generally geeking out. Long romantic walks along a beach sound great, but lets face it, I’ll just end up with sand through the car.

At the tender age of 40-something, I’ve decided to try my hand at something a little creative. I was lucky enough to be given a Canon 550D for my birthday a couple of years ago, and while knowing that it would be perfect for quality family photo’s, I’ve always had a burning desire to put something creative together.

I’ve always considered myself a closet-creative, but I’ve sucessfully managed to suppress those desires with a career in IT.

I have a beautiful wife, daughter and son who put up with my ongoing desire for anything technical and geeky. They might even make an appearance in this journal at some stage.


7 thoughts on “About Dan

  1. Great blog and fantastic photos…..there just might be a creative geek inside there after all…..!!!
    Keep up the blog and look forward to the next instalments.

  2. Hey dan I’m the guy from the skatepark in the shorts and black t shirt I was just wondering if you could get around sending me the photos. Thanks and I like your mushroom photo

    • Thanks for stopping by Josh.

      I’ll be uploading my photo for the day soon, but I’ll also link to a Flickr gallery of all of the skate park photo’s from Sunday.

  3. Hello Dan … You wrote “It is also documented that the keel of the HMAS Stuart, a naval Destroyer, lies beneath the river floor under the bridge. I’m not sure how or why it’s there (it’s beggars belief the Stuart tried to navigate the Parramatta River), all I can find on the topic is numerous other websites that have quoted the exact same paragraph from Wikipedia!” ….. I am researching Putney history and would like to pin down exact source for this. Best Regards, John ( https://someinterestingsites.wordpress.com )

    • Hi John … thanks for stopping by and your comment/question.

      I do find much of my information from sources like Wikipedia (carefully reworded in the most cases!), but there is quite a bit of local history, particularly in the Ryde area, scattered around the internet.

      Ryde being one of Sydney’s, and Australia’s, oldest areas is rich with local history.

      There are numerous sites however that have simply copy/pasted that information.

      Perhaps make contact with the Maritime Museum and they can direct you to somewhere more precise? Even the State Library may have archives of relevance? They have an amazing photo collection (they have a Flickr account worth following).

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