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For some time I’ve considered myself capable behind a camera, however like many others my image library has been limited to point, shoot, store …. and forget.

With Dan’s Daily Photo I intend to take a photo each day, and also to learn about the different styles, techniques and concepts that make photography so intriguing. There’s a world of camera hardware to explore, and more importantly build skills in the post-production.

Initially the idea came to me a number of years ago – 2013 to be precise. But one thing that made me stop and think we the various “365 Project” websites, and by that I mean the Terms and Conditions around ownership of uploaded images.

A complete lack of research meant that I erred on the side of caution, kept the camera holstered, and before I knew it the year was underway. My personal project would have to wait.

Come Boxing Day 2013 and inspiration hit me right between the eye-balls. On the family farm, I awoke to a “Pea Soup” fog that had descended in the pre-dawn hours. I’m not sure what possessed me then (as it does now), but I had to share the experience – instead of waking the household, I went and grabbed the camera.

So the seed was planted.

Along came New Years Day, which was spent in picturesque Byron Bay. Suddenly it was now or never – take a photo and get this thing started, or pass it up for another year. I picked up my iPhone and ran back to the beach and took a panorama – just in case I wanted to go through with it.

I chose WordPress.com as my host, and Dan’s Daily Photo was up and running. Facebook was added some months later.

It’s now 2017. What have I taken out of this project?

It’s simple really. Firstly, photography is now more accessible than it has ever been. There is some really affordable, excellent quality camera hardware out there. Software is cheaper, and genuinely cross-platform – MacOS, Windows, or tablet variants of either.

I quickly realised one thing however – it occurred to me that we generally only ever need to retain 1 or 2 photo’s in every 10 taken. Spend 5-10 minutes post-processing those photo’s, and you will be surprised how you can create something worth showing off to as many people as possible.

When it comes to post-processing, I started with Apple’s standard issue iPhoto, and before long I had soon worked my way into the “Prosumer” Aperture (note: these apps are no longer available, in favour of Apple’s Photos app). More recently I have migrated my photo library and processing to Adobe Lightroom.

My advice to any rank-wannabe photographer – just get out there and take photo’s. Go on walks and take in the scenery, sit down and observe the world going past. Shoot everything, and sort them out later.

I hope you enjoy your stay.



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