March 14th – Uninterrupted Views

Barangaroo at Dusk

1.4″, f22, ISO 100

It was one of those spectacular, golden sunsets in Sydney last weekend. And I wasn’t about to let it go to unnoticed. I was firmly entrenched in the often cliched “Golden Hour”.

This particular shot is my favourite, as the setting sun lit up the newly constructed buildings in a range of colours.

This photo was taken from a particular location in East Balmain. Those who know the suburb would be familiar with the ultra-narrow streets. To get here you need to be able to confidently find, then navigate, some of the more Mickey-Mouse roadways in the suburb.

The reward is self-evident.

Over 90 minutes I took a number of photo’s of Barangaroo, while being entertained by the hundreds of pleasure (party!) craft that sailed past on the way to Sydney Harbour.

Anxious to take long exposures, I made the camera as resistant to light as possible – it could last 1.4 seconds with the aperture set to f22, ISO 100.

It was a classic sunset – off to my right I took photo’s of the silhouetted Anzac Bridge, and to the left I snapped Barangaroo gardens and reserve. Beyond that, Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge, and as dusk settled in the full moon rose beside it.

I took this scene at a number of moments during (and after) sunset. Hop over to my Flickr collection. I’d love to know which one you like the most.


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