March 2nd – Green Mist

Red explosions, Green Mist

3.2″, f11, ISO 200

Everyone loves fireworks, especially children and photographers! Taking photo’s of fireworks is great fun and difficult …. to get wrong.

Here my are simple rules;

Firstly, know your tripod. You may want to make subtle changes during the show. Up a bit, down a tad …

Set the camera to Manual (crucial)

Set exposure time to anything between 3 and 8 seconds. Any more and the photo will be too “busy”. I prefer shorter bursts.

Set your aperture anywhere from f8 through to f13

Set ISO low – no higher than 400 generally (tip: longer exposure time, lower ISO).

Aim randomly into the sky. There will be low to the ground fireworks, medium and towards the end, very high explosions.

Now to sit there and wait for the low “boom” as the pyrotechnics are fired into the sky, count to 2, then hit your shutter button (or remote shutter release – also highly recommended).

In post production you can make the colours brighter, the blacks blacker and the rest speaks for itself.

This photo was taken at the long anticipated conclusion of the pre-Christmas celebrations at the local park.

Families patiently waited for the emcee to put the Book of Dad Jokes away,  and then it was fireworks time! Just the thing that parents with over-excited, and overly-over-tired children needed. With the wind blowing pretty hard, and virtually straight at us, it created this eerie, green glow.


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