February 17th – Evan Walker Footbridge Black & White

Evan Walker Bridge b/w

6″, f8, ISO 200

An encore performance for this unique footbridge at Melbourne’s Southbank. To be perfectly honest I find this image more striking than it’s predecessor.

This also gave way to possibly one of the more amusing, yet awkward, moments experienced as an amateur photographer. Chatting to a local, he turned to his friends and advised them “Only 2 people have ever made it to the top”.

Acting as any self-respecting red-blooded male would do, the challenge was afoot. and measured out their run-up. The friendly instigator then suggested, “I probably shouldn’t have said that”.

Within moments a young man was scaling the arch, bravely making it all the way to the top. Thinking he might be the 3rd ever to achieve such a feat, he called out “The last thing I expected to see up here …. is another dude!“.

The we saw him – laid out flat, spray can in hand, ready to leave his mark.


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