February 14th – Princes Pier

Princes Pier Sunset

In 1915 the New Railway Pier was constructed beside the existing Station Pier, but was soon renamed to Princes Pier following a visit by the Prince of Wales (Edward VIII) in 1920.

Princes Pier was heavily used until the late 1960’s, and was Melbourne’s main arrival point for migrants. However as container shipping grew in popularity, operations moved elsewhere in Port Phillip Bay.

By 1990 the pier was becoming derelict and closed to public access, becoming a haven for squatters. A series of fires from the late 1990’s destroyed the structures on the pier.

By 2007 a contract had been award to restore the pier. The initial 200 metres was restored, the remaining decking was removed and the pylons were preserved as they stood. The new Princes Pier was reopened to the public in 2011, and has been a mecca for amateur photographers ever since.

And now I know why. A picture perfect evening, I managed to produce a number of photo’s which I’ll display over time, despite not having my remote shutter trigger (and a jumper).


2 thoughts on “February 14th – Princes Pier

    • Thanks very much Lily. I’ve seen so many amazing images from Princes Pier, I had to get there myself one day. Melbourne is a very special city for me, I’m always looking for excuses to come back.

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