February 6th – Blue Tongue Lizard

Blue Tongue Lizard

Anyone growing up on the east coast of Australia would know these – the ever popular Blue Tongue Lizard (Tiliqua).

I’ve always associated Blue Tongue’s with having a healthy garden. We had them in our garden several years ago, but having neighbours with dogs on three sides, it makes being a slow-moving lizard a dangerous prospect.

This was a big blue tongue – I heard it ‘crunching’ through the leaf litter in the garden before I saw it. They’re easy to mistake for snakes because of their movement and tiny legs. I followed it until it went for safety under our hot water system, before I could get a shot of its magnificent azure tongue.

So why the blue tongue? It’s a defence mechanism against predators, along with a loud hiss. Sadly not enough to deter canines and motor vehicles.


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