July 12th – Explored II

Throw another log

This photo is another long exposure – 8 seconds at f13. It was taken moments before the photo I displayed yesterday – I couldn’t decide! Today’s decision was made for me – read on.

Put simply, I have frequently run into ‘coin toss’ moments during the running of this blog, when you have two photo’s that you would like people to see, but are forced into choosing one. That was before I bent all the rules though, I have no such issues anymore!

Yesterday I went with the pizza oven, and posted it accordingly. However late last night my phone started doing that thing – when my phone lock-screen starts getting bombarded with notifications from the Flickr app, generated by internet randoms.

There in my notifications was the request – “The group ‘In Explore’ loves your stuff and would like to display this photo in their group!”.

This photo was picked up again by the wondrous Flickr-bots, and displayed in their daily “Explore” collection – where 100 photo’s uploaded the previous day are invited to participate in an invitation-only group.

This is my fourth “In Explore”, and while it’s not why I own a camera, it’s always nice when these things happen. It’s especially ‘warming’ (Dad-joke intended) considering I went off the boil for the first part of this year.

Ironically, it might also be the last photo (chronologically) posted from my Canon 550D, as I’ve just upgraded to a Canon 80D. More to come on that!

And with this weeks ‘big freeze’ in Sydney (it might get down to 10*C!!), no better time than to stare at photo’s of other peoples fires!



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