July 10th – Berowra Nights

Or alternatively named “Strength Through Tragedy, chapter 64”.

Occasionally we descend upon a good friends place, nestled snugly into Berowra Waters in the valleys about an hours commute north of the city of Sydney. Far enough in my books to attempt one of the more fun tricks I’ve learned – star trail photography.

This is where you take a number of shots of the same scene, and ‘stack’ the photo’s leaving dramatic astro-streaks as the stars make their way across the sky.

I thought I would try my chances tonight, however I faced two challenges:

1) I knew the moon would rise fairly late, and

2) It was a recently full moon, and would cast so much light that it would affect the number of visible stars.

I thought I’d take my chances anyway, so I set the intervalometer to take a 12 second exposure (f/9, ISO 800), every 30 seconds, for 3 hours. It resulted in around 350 photo’s, while we chipped away playing poker indoors.

What I didn’t count on was the moon rising straight through the middle of my frame.

The end result was a complete write-off for a star trail, however there was a surprise in store when I viewed the images, which made for a terrific time-lapse.

Note: The movie might auto-play in low-res, however you have viewing options all the way up to 1080p. Enjoy 🙂


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