July 1st – Canada Day

Oh Canada

Happy Canada Day!

Today marks the 149th Canada Day, although it was called Dominion Day (French: “Le Jour de la Confederation”) up until 1982, when Canada passed a law that basically took rights away from the English from imposing themselves.

In 1867 three colonies grouped together –  Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada, to form the Kingdom of Canada (with a little help from the English).

I found this cute old Canadian flag during our holiday late last year, in the front garden of one of the quaint houses on Toronto’s Algonquin Island. Algonquin is one of the islands off the shore of the Toronto CBD that forms ‘Toronto Island’.

Algonquin Island (formerly Sunfish Island) was a sandbar until the late 1930’s, when sand dredged from Lake Ontario was settled to make a suitable location for housing.

We were lucky enough to stay on Algonquin Island several years ago during our first visit to this beautiful city. It’s at the northern end of the island has the city’s best views of the stunning Toronto CBD. This panorama of the Toronto CBD skyline was taken about 20 metres from the garden pictured above.


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