January 23rd -Nose Up

Jetstar VH-VGU

The moment we hopped out of the car, we were treated to the sight of Jetstar’s VH-VGU Airbus A320 reaching for the skies.

I can thank my lucky (Jet)stars. We stayed here for about 20 minutes and didn’t capture another plane in this mid take-off pose. I particularly love the early morning light against the Jetstar livery (it was about 7:30am).

In my life I’ve committed many things to my memory, some of them even relevant. But one thing I was never particularly interested in (or good at) was memorising the details of aircraft.

What I can tell you about Jetstar VH-VGU is that this plane was commissioned in 2010. Built in France, flown to Germany to have its insides configured, before returning to France, fully painted and then flown to Australia via Toulouse to Dubai, then Singapore, Darwin and finally Newcastle where it performed its first commercial flight.

Yep – someone recorded all of this information, and much more! Google is your friend.

Today was 3 goals all squeezed into a half-hour opportunity – 1) to take my Mother In Law to Sydney airport for an early flight, but time permitting 2) To visit a popular spot frequented by camera and aircraft enthusiasts, and most excitingly (for me) 3) To test my Tamron SP 70-300 f/4-5.6 Di VC USD lens for reach, particularly with fast moving objects.

Other planes ‘spotted’ include this interesting looking “Skyteam” (China Southern) A330 that is barely 6 months old, and a small Air Link Beech 1900D on its way to Dubbo.

Thanks again Google.


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