January 20th – Beyond the western span

Gladesville Bridge looking west at sunset panorama

Another shot of the layout of Sydney beyond the western side of the Gladesville Bridge, including Henley, Drummoyne and Chiswick in the foreground.

I love poring over these sorts of photo’s. In distance you can quite clearly make out some of the landscapes further west, such as the smokestack from the old Bushell’s factory in Concord, and the office buildings in Parramatta some 15-20 km’s away.

This panorama is a collection of 6 images, stitched using Adobe Lightroom 6. Again this is another massive thumbs up for Lightroom, which has made what was an arduous task, so extremely simple.

I guess the trick is how to ensure consistency across each image. In my case I use the far-left and far-right markers in the viewfinder – after the shot I align the left dot on an object that had the right marker in the previous shot. Rinse and repeat.

In terms of tweaking and edits, you have options. You could process each photo individually before stitching, or do as I did here and complete the panorama before playing with Lightroom’s sliders.

In this photo I preferred the latter to avoid any inconsistencies between each of the frames, which would have shown up in the final product. The greatest concern was the picture featuring the sun, which the camera would have been quite sensitive about.

In Toronto I tried a similar capture. It was earlier in the day so it was harder to control the light, but that panorama was also one of the last photo’s to come out of my camera as a jpeg. If only I had my time again!


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