January 19th – Sail away with me, honey

Sail into the Sunset

Perhaps the most tantalising photo opportunity on my list has been the Gladesville Bridge at sunset on a balmy Sydney summers day.

I say most tantalising because despite living so close, it has proven difficult to have all my ducks in a row, planets in alignment, or whatever it takes. Today not only did I have the opportunity, but it was an absolutely stunning show to end the day.

It was very ‘zen’ sitting on top of the Gladesville bridge, watching the dusk marine traffic mosey down the Parramatta River, or the Rivercat bounce its way side-to-side as it docked at Henley and Chiswick. Not to mention the tail-end of peak hour traffic screaming up-and-over the crest of the huge concrete structure that is the Gladesville Bridge.

For those who don’t know, the pedestrian access to the Gladesville Bridge, specifically the western side, narrows to barely human-width, which puts you barely centimetres from the roaring traffic.

Remind me to take headphones next time.

In true nature of the Daily Photo blog, there are 2 reasons why I am withholding any more photo’s from today’s beautiful sunset. Firstly, and as the law-maker of this blog, I fully reserve the right to use old stock on any day I missed taking a photo. Secondly, and probably most importantly, I’m in no mood for WordPress/Facebook linking shenanigans!


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