January 6th – Another String to my Bow

Superb Fairywren's at play

A couple of female Superb Fairywrens frolic, while displaying their mating colours.

For some time I have had the desire for a telephoto zoom lens. While many amateur photographers desire any one of the Canon 70-200mm L-series lens, I lowered my sights and did some research. The end result is the Tamron SP 70-300 f/4-5.6 Di VC USD.

Simply put, a maximum focal range of 300mm is a significant zoom (especially considering my 1.6x APS-C sensor), that also comes with Vibration Compensation and an accurate, fast-focussing motor.

A lot of decisions come with compromise, but with great reviews this is a logical choice for the average amateur photographer, and doesn’t have the price tag associated with Canon’s premium lenses.

Let me repeat that – this lens is very highly regarded when it comes down to bang-for-buck. It will never perform as well as a Canon L-series equivalent, but it might just keep you in the good books with your beloved.

So while I’m not strictly into ‘birding’, most of the local fauna around these parts will flee well before I can get into my (previous) maximum of 70mm range.

Here are some more avian examples of the lens in action on a clear, bright morning with stunning blue skies. There are more bird varieties in the trees around here, which will no doubt appear soon in this blog – weather permitting!

Next challenge is to capture some of the kangaroo’s in the area, without fear they are going to either run away from, or more importantly, straight at me. This lens will also be fantastic for capturing butterflies and dragonflies without having to get too close.

Female Superb Fairywren displaying mating colours

Female Superb Fairywren

Male Superb Fairywren with full mating colours on display.

Superb Fairywren Male with breeding colours

Bird on a Wire. Not Goldie Hawn, but a Willie Wagtail getting excited as I encroach on its territory.

Willie Wagtail


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