December 9th – Watch and wait

Sunset and storm

f7.1 on AV mode, 1/10th” ISO 3200.

Weather-wise it was a typical Sydney stinker today, with a crazy orange and red sunset as a series of storms unleashed.

Now usually I’m locked on a bus traversing one of the bridges on a Victoria Rd bus route. However today I happen to have a car waiting at my bus stop, so I bee-lined it to the banks of the Parramatta River – Dick St, Henley to be precise.

I jumped out and just took photo’s. Plenty of them. I haven’t done this with such spontaneity for a while. My only regret is not having a tripod, but the ‘game’ was to try and catch some lightning. (I had some success but will post that later in the week).

This amazing sunset was being blanked by a large local storm, which appeared to see us watching and headed straight for us, bringing lightning, thunder, wind and a lot of rain.

It sent fisherman and photographer alike scampering for cover.


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