September 30th – Brockton Point Lighthouse

Brockton Point Lighthouse

Here we have the Brockton Point Lighthouse. The boldly coloured structure has been guiding ships beneath the Lions Gate Bridge into Burrard Inlet in Vancouver for 101 years.

The picture sums up Vancouver for me, the colours of Stanley Park, Lions Gate Bridge, and the contrast of waterways and mountains surrounding the city.

Francis Brockton was an engineer aboard HMS Plumper in the late 1850’s, which was used to chart the western coast of British Colombia. It was here that Brockton discovered coal in the Vancouver region, and to cut a long story short Brockton Point and Coal Harbour were named. It was the duty of the Captain to name new locations as they were realised.

Brockton Point itself was initially tagged as a site for a sawmill, but the tricky and often fast running currents in the area made it too treacherous for berthing ships. It was repurposed as a sports ground in 1891, and hosted popular sports such as cricket.

Cricketers who played here include Sir Donald Bradman, Fred Trueman and Geoffrey Boycott,  Bradman stating in the 1930’s that it was the most beautiful ground he had ever played. The sentiment was echoed 3 decades later by Boycott.

There is also a collection of remarkable Totem Poles at Brockton Point, and the Vancouver Aquarium isn’t too far from this location either.

All of these locations have one thing in common – Stanley Park. On this day we cycled around the 1001 acre nature reserve, about 12 kilometres in total, stopping frequently for photo’s. There were countless photo opportunities.

Stanley Park has so much to offer that I couldn’t come close to fitting it inside a single blog post. Over the coming weeks I’ll post more photo’s from today, including Siwash Rock and the Lions Gate Bridge.


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