September 28th – Soho House, Toronto

Soho House, Toronto

Our final day in Toronto, and a final chance to tread the sidewalks of a city I’ve truly grown to love.

After a brief excursion through Toronto’s subterranean world, we popped out near Dundas St and headed for Adelaide St W and Simcoe – we have been invited to lunch at Toronto’s Soho House.

Soho House in Toronto is a gorgeous red-brick building set against the skyscrapers of the downtown area. The red brick is a material synonymous with city and suburbs.

Soho House is a society created for generally creative-types – film, fashion, music, arts etc, and ideally for those under 27 years of age, though they do accept all occupations and ages. Soho House have locations in the UK, Berlin, Istanbul, New York, West Hollywood, Miami, Chicago and now Toronto

The building offers a host of services to members, including internet access, libraries, meeting rooms, exclusive bars and dining rooms.

And you might accidentally rub shoulders with celebrities.

As with any club, it comes with its fair set of rules and regulations. The dress code is quite simple – no suits.


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