September 26th Pt 2 – Sights of Prince Edward County

Glenora Ferry, Prince Edward County

It would be wrong not to share some of the images collected around Picton during our visit.

Above is the Glenora Ferry, linking Highway 33 – The Loyalist Parkway, to Adolphustown on the eastern side of the channel, and beyond that to Kingston.

The ferry runs year-round, 24 hours a day.

Boatshed at Lake on The Mountain

Lake on the Mountain, Prince Edward County, Ontario.

About 10 km’s out of Picton, Lake on the Mountain is roughly 100m from the shores of Lake Ontario, and 60m above. It is surrounded by local restaurants and accomodation.

Lake on the Mountain Rd continues beyond the lake to circumnavigate the eastern-most end of Prince Edward County.

Apples for Sale

An example of the fresh produce available during the Prince Edward County Taste Festival.

The view at Merland Park Resort (well, fishing village). Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada.

Our travel plans were almost entirely arranged for us. Unfortunately when a small town hosts a popular event, rooms become scarce. Thankfully there were a couple of rooms available in Picton. Merland Park resort – a fishing village for enthusiasts. Mostly male, away from their homes and families, and generally quite intoxicated.

The views at sunset were incredible, and the inebriated Canadians were like any other Canadians we met – easy to get along with and up for a chat.

Unfortunately I missed the full moon over the water the following morning by about 10 minutes.

Finished for the Day

Done for the day. Let’s go eat (and drink).


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