September 26th – Discoveries in the Dark

Patricia O'Callaghan

Inspired with an intention to see the wonderfully talented and close friend Patricia O’Callaghan perform at the Prince Edward County music festival, at the Regent Theatre in Picton, we set off east from Toronto.

Prince Edward County is basically a huge island which extends into Lake Ontario, with the small town of Picton about 3 hours drive from downtown Toronto. There were plenty of photo opportunities in this beautiful part of the world, but I’ll save them for another blog post.

Tonight I was going to try something new – photo’s in a concert hall.

The MO was simple;

  1. Get as much light into the camera sensor as possible (wide aperture/low ‘f’ number and high ISO)
  2. Do this quick enough that I can’t ruin the shot with a shaky hand, but not too quick otherwise the shot will be too dark  (tried between 1/10th of a second to 1/60th of a second).

Digital ‘noise’ will occur, especially at high ISO, but this was addressed in post-production.

Each of the photo’s in this post were 1/60″, f3.2, ISO 3200.

Trish and Band

I took my ‘fair share’ of photo’s, not want to make too many distractions for those around me. I experimented with slower shutter speeds in combination with wider aperture (e.g. 1/10th of a second at f2.8). I found the sweetspot around f3.2 and 1/60th.

I also used another function on the camera that previously confused me – I turned off the rear LCD panel so as not to annoy the patrons behind us. This meant camera changes were done by ‘counting clicks’ or viewing the digital figures looking through the viewfinder.

Considering the outcomes here, it really trivialises my intentions to upgrade to a new camera body for better ‘low light performance’. The 550D/Tamron lens combination here was terrific. I would also suggest my outcomes were improved because I was shooting RAW.

Patricia O'Callaghan - Picton September 2015

There were a few shots that I am particularly fond of, so I’ve sent them to Trish. Perhaps they’ll take up a corner on her new website

Memories of the evening couldn’t be complete without a shot of the gorgeous Regent Theatre.

Regent Theatre, Picton ON


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