September 25th – Go Leafs Go!


A night out for the grown-ups! It’s the Air Canada Centre, up close and personal with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres.

When I say up close, we were very fortunate to be sitting this close to the action. Watching from home (or playing on PS3) doesn’t do the fitness and agility of these guys any justice. Their speed across the ice is amazing.

It’s a pre-season game with the serious stuff not starting for another 2 weeks. So no one really went through with the big hits, but we saw 70+ shots and 10 goals (Sabres win 6-4), so the entertainment was terrific.

And much better value than an 8 oz glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

North American’s do their live sport so much better than anyone else. It’s pure entertainment from go to woe, and they still trust their patrons with beer in cans. Not only that, but they Seat-Deliver.

Go Leafs Go!



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