September 24th – Niagara

Niagara - Power and beauty

Simply put, Niagara is one of those natural phenomena that makes you feel really, really insignificant.

This photo was taken late in the day. The light was perfect and it brought out this fantastic rainbow on the bow of the Maid of the Mist, created by the perma-mist in the Horseshoe Falls.

Barely a couple of hours drive from the centre of Toronto, Niagara marks the border with the USA and makes a terrific road trip. My advice for any travellers is to hire a car and self-manage your arrival (early!) and departure times. Besides, it also gives you have chance to visit the boutique town of Niagara-On-The-Lake for dinner.

Also a cautious note – there are some spectacular sites, but pack your camera gear wisely. There is a lot of water running, falling and floating around here. You will be given a poncho for the ferry ride into the mist, but by the time you’re face to face with these waterfalls, the poncho’s could be up around your ears.

Possibly my 2 best pieces of advice –

  1. Keep your best lens cloth in your pocket. You’re going to get mist on your lens regularly, so have it handy and keep it clean.
  2. Pick your shots wisely (but press the shutter button often!). Don’t risk your DSLR and lenses with all that water around. The chances are if you’re that close to the water, it won’t be a particularly good shot anyway.

Getting a good shot is all about angles here. I might have been beneficial to have that really wide angle lens, or a full frame camera, but the best shots are generally taken from street level looking down to the river.

As raised in the previous post, I’ve made the switch to RAW today. I’d suggest this has helped manage the highlights and extreme white of these photo’s in post-production.

This is a shot of The Horseshoe Falls and the perma-mist. Photo opportunity when the ferry is heading back to the wharf.

Niagara Falls - Horseshoe Falls

Approaching the Horseshoe Falls. Last chance shot for DSLR’s before you bury it under your poncho! The force of the water as it falls is simply stunning.

Niagara Falls approach

I couldn’t finish without posting a panorama from my iPhone, showing the Rainbow Bridge (linking the USA) in the background:



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