September 20-somethingth – Wait, what?!


The anguish! I’m not sure if it’s the heat from a late-running summer or if there’s more at play, but this lady looks like she needs a moments respite that only a bus stop can give.

And to be fair, I think I’m in a similar situation.

As mentioned earlier, I failed to reset my camera clock to the correct timezone. This is now having it’s way with my own recollection of dates and times. The import dates in Lightroom 6 reflect the cameras setting.

Add to that, the flip-flopping of phones and laptops seems to have also set the dates back, or forwards, 14 or so hours. It’s all a bit confusing, but the dates are wrong. I’ll be fixing that with each post by subtracting 1 from the date. Or am I adding? Doesn’t matter, I’m using a calendar to cross-reference everything now.

So back to the image, and the day of taking this poor anguished soul is no less significant in my photography journey. It was in fact a bit of a lay-day with the camera only catching a handful of images as I went across town to catch up with a photographer friend.

There were a couple of take-outs from our lunch, but nothing more significant than this: start shooting in RAW.

There are reasons I hadn’t, most of them around decisions regarding proper disk storage and pulling my library management together. But after a great insight about the latter, it gives me a really grounded view of what my next steps include.

I’m also considering trawling my archives and putting them onto a stock website. More on that later.

So as of tomorrow’s big adventure, I’m shooting in RAW. In retrospect I wish I had taken this step a couple of days earlier, I believe it would have improved the Toronto Skyline panorama significantly.


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