September 23rd – Spectacular Toronto Island

Toronto Skyline 2

This is a panorama taken from the end of Algonquin Island, looking north to the CBD. It’s a spectacular vista of Toronto unique to this location.

Note the above panorama is a series of 6 jpeg’s, stitched using Lightroom 6. It’s one of the last days of shooting in jpeg, and I wonder if I could have controlled the skies a little better from the left to the right extremes.

It’s strange to think, but this is a view of the city that many locals never come to witness. After all this is the spot that lured me back half way around the world.

Now with a family on the move, I couldn’t wait to bicycle around Toronto Islands. With extra special help from our friends we managed to hire bikes for all shapes and sizes, and boarded the ferry from the Queens Quay wharf to Centre Island.

And the weather was just as perfect as we remembered it 9 years ago.

The islands themselves play host to a community of around 300 homes, has its own schools, daycare facilities, church and fire station, not to mention the Centreville Amusement Park.

This is the view form the horseshoe-shaped Centre Island, taking a shot of CN Tower between Snake (left) and Algonquin (right) Islands.

CN Tower from Toronto Island

We cycled around 10 kilometres in the day, somewhat hastily in the end to catch the 5:15pm Centre Island ferry back to the ‘mainland’. I would have like to have spent more time on the island, but the lengthy pause for lunch at The Refectory Cafe was well worth it.


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