September 21st – Reach for your cameras

Camera's at the ready

This scene reminds me of the classic tourist bus scene from The Goodies. These travellers look like the clock was ticking, as they hastily reached for their preferred image capturing device.

We are standing in the shadows on Toronto’s 550-odd metre concrete spindle, the CN Tower.

The name “CN” refers to Canadian National, a railway company that commissioned the tower in 1968, which has become an icon for the city of Toronto, and one of the seven Modern Wonders of the World.

CN Tower

Unfortunately I’m in the shadows of the structure here. It was tempting to come back for some night shots, but we were staying outside the CBD making it a tough ask once I’d had a soothing wine back at our accomodation.

The CN Tower was completed in 1976 as the world’s tallest free standing tower at the time (currently 3rd tallest in the world). However Canadian’s be proud – the CN Tower boasts the tallest metal staircase in the world, with 2579 steps to reach the SkyPod, sitting at 447m. The general observation deck is about 100m below at around 340m and features a glass floor, which we found gives a birds-eye view of the baseball game below at Rogers Stadium.



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