September 18th – Destination : Canada


The bags are packed, and by the time I took this photo we’ve made it through the exhausting check-in side of air travel.

Over the next 2 and-a-half weeks we travelled pretty extensively through Toronto (and parts of Ontario), and Vancouver city. We drove, walked and rode bikes through some amazing places.

Packing for the trip proved interesting. With tours pre-booked I was very keen to have a selection of lenses, and travel is usually the best incentive. In truth I came close to investing in a whole new body, being very tempted by the Canon 6D, but things didn’t work out as hoped.

Strength through tragedy, right?

As much as I desire a 70-200mm, the weight makes it an impractical travel lens. And as much as I was buoyed by the idea of the Canon 6D, being a Full Frame camera I would be losing focal length.

When it all boils down, and certainly in retrospect – I think I packed the perfect kit. A Canon 550D and Tamron 24-70mm. I packed the 50mm f1.8 for good measure (it’s so small and light), but it never made it out of the bag.

My desire for a full frame camera was two-fold. There were times I wish my field of view was wider, but they were rare. The other was the old ‘low light performance’ chestnut.

For newbies, and from what I have gathered, the marketing term “low light performance” for amateur photographers is like golf magazines telling weekend hacks that each new club, ball and tee purchase “Will add 5-10 yards to your game!”.

550D performed well beyond my expectations at ISO 3200 during a concert. We’ll come to that photo in a short while.

I also packed 3 SD cards, 2 good lens clothes, and the standard 2 batteries. You cannot under-pack the accessories in my opinion!

Without making this a travel blog, I’ve currently whittled my photo collection down to around 1000. I’m going to try and show you something from each day that might not necessarily appear in the usual travel brochures.


3 thoughts on “September 18th – Destination : Canada

    • Very true. It’s easy to overthink things, but at the end of the day my Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 (on a crop) was perfect. I would have liked an ultra wide angle, and had a chance to rent one for $30/day in Vancouver, but it wasn’t essential.

      Taking a series of shots for a panorama and stitching them in Lightroom 6 has also been very successful. I didn’t even try until we were sitting in the departure lounge to come home. I’ll post a couple of those in the coming days.

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