September 14th – Pesky insect

Unidentified Insect 1.JPG

On this occasion I continued my run of macro photography.

This photo was taken around a week prior. I spotted what I thought to be a large (really large) mosquito sitting on a window, so I grabbed the camera and snuck up close.

In truth I have no idea what this insect is. After plenty of Google’ing I thought I was close thinking it was a Crane Fly, but I couldn’t uncover anything conclusive to confirm my suspicions.

The one thing that has me guessing in the barb extending from it’s abdomen.

Macro is also a good way to override your automatic and semi-automatic modes. This photo was taken with a flash, 1/80th of a second at f14. I do this to try and keep the ISO as low as possible, in this instance ISO 400.

And then, there’s the eyes.

A pesky insect may have indeed been harmed following the taking of these photo’s.

Unidentified Insect 2.JPG


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