September 13th – Festival of the Winds


It doesn’t take much to fill the streets of Bondi Beach, but when you have perfect blue skies, warm weather and a few thousand kites, things get extra hectic.

Not being from the east, we only tend to venture to the popular tourist spot on special occasions. Today we decided to take in one of Sydney’s more colourful festival – the Festival of the Winds.

The beach was awash with all sorts of flying craft – from the pair of brightly coloured stingrays, there were whales, over-sized turtles (all visible in the photo above), flags of the world, Geisha’s … in fact you name it, and the chances were it was floating above your head with several strings attached.

The weather was again perfect – to compliment the clear blue skies, there was plenty of wind for the kites without making it uncomfortable for the spectators.

Giant Floating Turtle - Festival of the Winds.JPG

Festival of the Winds - Blue Whale


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