September 11th – No Two Alike

No Two Alike

Tucked into Glades Bay, just a block and a bit from the popular Morrison Road lies a number of interesting things.

Access is via Ross St, which many of us would travel when heading to/from the Morrison Road. But instead of turning off, continuing straight will lead you on to the newly created boardwalk.

The first things to catch my eye after descending the newly restored stairs was the collection of dinghies. As the title suggests, you will struggle to find any two alike. They are all different in shape and colour, if not size as well.

But this tiny waterside reserve is also a part of the 600+ metre long Wulaba Track, a riverside walk connecting Bill Mitchell Reserve with Delmar Parade and Ashbury Place to the east.

The track celebrates the Wallumedegal people, the original inhabitants of the land. Along the path you can find all sorts of bush food and rock carvings, still preserved in the sandstone.


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