September 10th – Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield

I can’t claim to be a motoring enthusiast, but I was recently made aware of the Royal Enfield motorcycle company.

There are a few basic facts about Royal Enfield – they are sought by enthusiasts, are very reliable, and they are manufactured in India.

The company was founded in 1893 making stationary machinery, lawnmowers, and by 1901 was into motorcycle production.

In fact their emblem and logo “Built Like A Gun” references the history of arms manufacturing in the Borough of Enfield in the UK, dating back to the Napoleonic era in the early Nineteenth Century.

Motorcycle production continued through both World Wars, and in the 1950’s they partnered with Madras Motors and commented production in the sub-continent. By 1962 all parts manufacturing had moved to India, and in 1971 the UK business was dissolved.

In the 1990’s Royal Enfield partnered with the Eicher Group, and production of tractors and other heavy machinery, and further expansion of the motorcycle business into North America and Indonesia.


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