September 5th – Symbiosis

Symbiotic 2

These two are living in perfect harmony – on one hand we have a White Bearded Iris flower in a healthy state due to the lack of pests. This is thanks to the tiny spider living within it’s colourful display.

The term ‘symbiosis’ has its biological origins in the late 19th Century. The term symbiosis was used to describe people living together within a single community.

Then in 1877 German botanist Albert Bernhard Frank used the word in relation to moss and lichen, followed in 1879 by fellow German botanist Heinrich Anton de Bary, who used the term to describe “The living together of two unlike organisms”.

I’m not sure what he was looking at, but I’m guessing a spider and a flower fits the bill.

Here is another White Bearded Iris about 2-3 metres from the first photo;

Symbiotic 1


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