September 1st – Spring is in the … grass


Here’s the most significant sign that Spring is (finally) here.

Pictured is the fragrant Freesia. Named after its founder Friedrich Freese, this flower was first documented around 150 years ago on the African continent.

I’ll level with you – I’m not a fan of winter. As I’ve mentioned before in this blog we can’t really complain in Sydney, our winter is about 2 weeks long when our forecast 13*C turns into 11* with wind chill. But it’s all relative …

But today brought a smile to my face – it’s the first official day of Spring and the sun was beaming. No better way to welcome the new season than walking the kids to school.

And to welcome the new season, gardens and median strips around the neighbourhood are sprouting random wild bunches of Freesia – a small and fragrant flower that seems to revel in the wild.

They aren’t around for long, so pick them when you have the chance or you may miss out altogether.


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