August 31st – Spring is in the air

Bee on Lavender

Can you smell that? It’s the smell of Spring in the air. Just one more day!

We can’t complain too much about our winters here in Sydney. Despite a few genuinely days, It doesn’t take long to put the chill behind us. The past few days have us thinking about a warm Spring.

My mission today was bees. With the gardens around the neighbourhood all bursting into colour, I imagined it wouldn’t been too difficult.

The first destination was Tom’s colourful collection of Snapdragon’s. Oddly enough we came up empty, there wasn’t a flying insect to be found anywhere. However the lavender bush just a few doors further down the hill didn’t disappoint.

I had my macro resting on the paling fence while this particular worker was getting about business, his pollens sacks on his hind legs showing the results of the mornings work.

I’m sure the Queen would be happy with the PR, but this worker was under orders. It’s best we leave him be.


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