August 29th – The View from Barangaroo

The View from Barangaroo

This is the view from the top of the steps on the western side of the Stargazers Lawn. It was a beautiful clear day.

For quite some time now we have viewed this area from the water on an inbound ferry. It seems somewhat surreal to be looking down upon the stretch of water from the new public area.

The Stargazers lawn is central to this first open section of Barangaroo, with a dual pathway ringing the hill at sea level (you can just see it in the foreground).

The Stargazer is also a fish found in Sydney Harbour, though I generally believe the lawn was named after its proximity to The Obervatory, and uninterrupted views to the skies.

I’ve also taken to using my 18-135mm lens again, just for old times sake. It’s the kit lens that came with the camera.

It’s much lighter than the Tamron 24-70mm that I generally use these days, though noting the vignetting in the corners. I would normally crop the image to exclude the vignette, which makes the final result even narrower than ideal.

It has me thinking about a camera body upgrade, and whether or not to consider a switch to Full Frame.

This lens also has a polarising filter attached, which is probably partially responsible for the brilliant blues in this photo (there was minimal tweaking required).



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