July 31st – Get back on the bike

Stylish in scarlet

This bright red cruiser was patiently waiting at a bike rack in the city today. It’s striking colours not too dissimilar to the iconic scarlet red of Ferrari.

But the underlying theme? It’s time for a little reality check.

I’m still out there taking photo’s, but for one reason or another the ‘workflow’ has broken down. If I was to point at any one thing, it would be this – the migration to Adobe Lightroom.

Now I’m not just saying that to play the blame game. Several things have changed in the past 3 months, 6 and 18 months. Most significantly I have become far more fussy when it comes to pointing the camera and shooting.

However the migration to Lightroom happened to coincide with my first photography ‘job’. Earlier this year I was privileged to have been asked to shoot a cousins’ wedding. It was a terrific day out, and to once again be a part of the inner-sanctum of a wedding was immensely enjoyable.

However one thing that struck me, the part-time amateur photographer, was when the Bridal Party looked at me at Wyllie’s Bath’s in Coogee and asked “So, where do you want us?”.

I had to think fast. For a brief, panicked moment, I realised what it was like to be a professional photographer. 700+ photo’s were reduced to 70 “keepers”.

More recently I have taken a few corporate profile shots. Sure it’s easy to position someone and ask for a big “Cheeeeeese”, but I’ve learned that along with my camera, flash, SD cards and Gary Fong Lightsphere, it really helps to pack a few jokes into the bag to ensure the camera gets a good look at those teeth.

One of these photo’s made it’s way into the Australian Financial Review in late July.

But back to the software angle…..

Coming from Apple’s now retired Aperture, the transition to Lightroom was a simple enough, in fact I simply built a new library for the blog. But the processing task now takes a little longer, simply because Lightroom gives so much more control and options when it comes to post-processing.

Furthermore, as Lightroom is more of a professional software package, it isn’t as simple to punch out my finished photo’s to the internet (specifically Flickr). It took me some time to work out the keyword/tag fields, presets, saving my own settings and much more. And with so many more tools available to me, I have that distinct “tip of the iceberg” feeling.

As for the Daily Photo, I’m changing the rules a little, at least until I get close to catching up. In the next month or so I’ll only be posting photo’s taken on any given day. I still have a large’ish cache of photo’s to use at any time for those ‘in between’ days, which will continue to grow as I get out and about with my camera.



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