July 28th – Smiley the Crab Spider

Crab Spider (Diaea evanida)

Meet Smiley, the tiny green Crab Spider, or Diaea evanida. I believe this is a male, though I didn’t really check at the time (the abdomen, that is).

I met Smiley on our weather-crusted washing line. Doesn’t the macro lens really bring out the grains of sun-baked dirt?

In truth the washing line and immediate surrounds happens to be a great place to find Jumping Spiders. I found one today as well, but shooting macro hand-held is a tough gig, especially when balanced precariously on an old rickety piece of outdoor furniture.

I spent a lot of 2014 cornering and photographing spiders, if I’m not mistaken this is the first for 2015. At least he smiled for the camera – you might have to see the full res version on Flickr to see it 😉


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