July 27th – Music from the “olden days”

45 rpm

In our adventures today we came across this relic.

Eyes popped and jaws dropped when I explained to my son that the vinyl disc in my hands is how we used to store music.

I processed this photo using Flare, a MacOS app that I’ve owned for a long time but haven’t used in well over 12 months. The presets are all very good, so I don’t mind too much that the interface is pretty sluggish (I’ve just noticed Flare 2 is AU$18.99 in the Mac App Store.

If you’re all iCloud’ed up properly, then apps like these are a terrific way to edit photo’s really easily. I still prefer editing photo’s on a desktop computer than anything mobile, other than any Instagram’ing I do.

Then again, my son will probably store his music in something like this;



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