July 23rd – Riding along on my (rented) pushbike

Melbourne Bike Share

Pictured is the St Kilda Road Melbourne Bike Share station.

The RACV have installed around 50 such mechanical bike racks around the CBD and city fringe, occupied by dozens of unmistakably blue bicycles complete with matching helmet.

The stations are well placed all over the city – from Parkville and Carlton to the north, or Port Melbourne and St Kilda to the south, with Docklands and Jolimont stations the western and eastern points.

The rider subscribes to the Bike Share service for a period of time (currently $58 annually), which gives you between 30-60 minutes of free time in the saddle. But don’t worry if you’re taking in the scenery on a leisurely ride, the first additional hour will set you back a further $2.

A really simple and terrific way to get around the city (there are tours on the Bike share homepage), and a way of inadvertently getting some fresh air while you do it. Another clever idea executed well by a thoughtful city.

Meanwhile in Sydney the bike path removal regime seems to be gaining momentum …..


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