July 20th – Twice Stabbed Ladybeetle

Twice Stabbed Lady Beetle (Chilocorus stigma) 2

Recently I was sent to the garden to collect some rosemary. Instead I returned with a camera, a tripod, and an SD card full of photo’s.

I had stumbled across one of the more curious bugs I have come across. We are looking at the Twice Stabbed Ladybeetle, or Chilocorus stigma.

I’ve come across several ladybugs since purchasing a macro lens, and despite numerous ladybug finds I’ve never seen anything like it. The fact it was predominantly black was strange enough to catch my eyes, but you can’t go past the two distinctive red spots.

What’s probably the most intriguing about the Chilocorus stigma is that internet searches for this species generally result in a website from overseas. That is to say, there isn’t an abundance of documented evidence of this species settling in eastern Australia.

Twice Stabbed Lady Beetle (Chilocorus stigma)

There is a suggestion that this particular ladybug feeds on pine scale in north America, which could explain it’s sighting under a casuarina. Needless to say I went on my way, and she went on hers, and despite looking every so often since I’ve never come across another.


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