July 10th – No Fear

No Fear

I’ve seen the Martin Place amphitheatre used for many things, but skateboarding is one of the more popular, and no doubt more entertaining.

I’m particularly amused by the passers-by, stopped in their tracks as this kid attempts to withstand gravity for as long as possible.

Many of us have been here though. While I was never the one with an 8″ wide piece of ply under my feet, I recall watching friends throw themselves down the stairs outside Tiffany’s just a block away.

Any why not, it’s a spectacular sight.

It was a gloomy overcast morning, which made photographing anything moving a challenge, let alone some kids bristling with adrenalin.

To downplay the out-of-focus daredevil, I’ve thrown a couple of extra effects at this photo. I’ve reduced the Saturation and Vibrancy (I had to pour water on that bright orange barricade!), but I’ve also added grain to the image. It seems to cancel-out the gloominess of the overcast/shadowy location.


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