June 30th – I see the light

Make a wish

Today we set out for a whole new adventure – 3 bikes loaded into the car, and not a training wheel in sight.

It was a really nice winters day, and it’s fair to assume I had a sub-motive. The Canon Light Awards theme was all about using light, something that I hadn’t really experimented with.

Buffalo Creek playground definitely came to the party. Beneath a tall pine lay a field of dandelions, all lit up in the late afternoon sun. ‘Cue Summertime’ Rolls by Janes Addiction again.

The fun part here was the experimenting. We all grew up learning to keep the sun behind us when holding a camera, but here I’m virtually staring directly at the sun, using the kids to position the light where I need it.

The bokeh created by the Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 DI VC USD is particularly nice too.

I took quite a few photo’s, but we had to move on and leave some dandelions for the next kids. Besides, there was something pretty dead under the tree and it was stinking  up the joint!

I was really happy with the result. Though there’s a catch: I can’t submit to the Light Awards without using Canon gear.


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