June 28th – Pranked?

Rounded Earthstar (Geastrum saccatum)

Walking to the ferry recently, I noticed all sorts of mushrooms that had emerged just off the path in the leaf-litter.

I took a bunch of photo’s, none of them more curious than the mushy above. I’ve grown fond of photographing mushrooms, they are always an interesting find, and there’s an active online mushroom community in photography circles.

They’re fun to come across, and you appreciate how extraordinary they are when you research them.

But this small sample remained a mystery. No matter of Google’ing could reveal the species above. I came to the conclusion I had been pranked – some kids have stuffed a bush nut in the top of a few mushrooms, creating this odd hybrid.

That was until recently when I recently researched the Scarlet Bracket Fungus, and I quite accidentally unearthed the Rounded Earthstar (Geastrum saccatum).

As far as the Rounded Earthstar goes, it appears to be quite an uneventful toadstool. In fact there’s little more to say about this mushroom. In most articles I read, there’s no mention or discussion of the geastrum saccatum being sought after for eating, nor any warning of noxious properties.


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