June 4th – More Vividry

Vivid - Circular Quay

See inside for a handful more pictures from the Vivid Festival. Enjoy!

The first is a view looking back from the Hickson Road Reserve at Dawes Point, beside the Park Hyatt. 2.5 seconds, f9, ISO 800.

The second photo is a swing that was set up beside the Museum of Contemporary Art. 3.2″ at f7.1, ISO 400. Just long enough for a couple of good, long swings.

Vivid - Light swing

Speaking of the MCA …. I was fortunate enough I could put up the tripod during the first visit. 2 seconds, f7.1, ISO 400.

Vivid - MCA

And finally a couple of photo’s of the signature dish, also from my temporary base camp at Hickson Road Reserve. Again the rapidly changing animations meant a short exposure (0.8 seconds) on f4, with higher ISO (1600).

Opera House - Orange

Opera House - Yellow


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