June 2nd – Twisted iron


The twisted iron fence near the playgrounds of Hallstrom Park in Willoughby. The park is beside the famous Incinerator, which itself is surrounded by artwork and sculptures.

This ironwork struck a chord with me. My grandfather was a blacksmith, and we had a number of his unique creations around the house.

The iron also makes me think back to the war-time era, where Blacksmith’s were held as a Reserved Occupation, or an Essential Service – a duty that others would not be able to perform.

This effectively meant they were exempted from conscription and forbidden from military service during incidences of total war, specifically World War II.

The Hallstrom Park playgrounds are decorated with all sorts of animals, in fact the layout designed to resemble Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.

But the activity de jour is surely the scooterbike path (a real word according to the Willoughby council website). Exhausting as racing around on scooters is, I prefer to think of it this way – each lap is about 90 seconds earlier to sleep this evening.

Or so I hope.

In this photo I’ve experimented with Lightroom’s Split Tone setting. I found it difficult feature the ironwork as a simple black and white photo, though managed to improve the effect trying different split combinations.


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