May 25th – Sir Leslie Morshead Fountain

Sir Leslie Morshead Memorial Fountain

A small scooter-led detour brought me to the corner of Bent and Macquarie Sts. After wandering in the shadows of the fig trees beside the State Library, I came across this monument to Sir Leslie Morshead, at the entrance to Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

Lieutenant General Morshead served for Australia in both World Wars, landing in Anzac Cove on April 25th, 1915. He was wounded and returned to Australia, not long after was put in command of the 33rd Battalion, serving largely on the Western front.

In 1941 Moorhead led British and Australian troops at Tobruk, and to victory over Rommel at El Alamein.

Sir Leslie Morshead also led Australian forces in New Guinea and Borneo.

After service Morshead returned to his successful Orient Steam Navigation business, and continued receiving praise for his wartime service. He turned down the stately role of Governor of Queensland, instead taking on a more difficult challenge of heading up the Boy Scouts Association of New South Wales.


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