May 14th – Contemplation


A young lady ponders her next move on the steps of the new Chatswood Civic Centre.

The Daily Photo has hit a bit of a speed hump lately. Perhaps not just because of the time-poor blogger, but also because of the change of workflow.

The switch to Lightroom has been a revelation, processing photo’s has never been more intriguing. But the migration is in limbo, with the majority of my photo library still in Aperture, and likely to stay there for a while longer.

Library management is no doubt the biggest hurdle between the two major applications. While a hybrid world can exist, it’s in no way efficient.

I like prefer the way Aperture imports photo, and clears my SD card. I prefer Lightroom when it comes to processing. Aperture is also simpler to share my images with the world (via Flickr), but categorising them and storing after sharing has its weaknesses.

I’d love to cut-and-run everything to a Lightroom catalogue tomorrow, but there’s a serious amount of backup up, exporting and importing to do.

Photographer needs disk space, badly.


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