May 12th – Jumping Spider


A species less featured in the blog this year has been the spider.

While everything was new to me last year I chased St Andrews Cross, Orb Weavers and more around my garden. Some of the feedback from readers was interesting, but I, like you, can’t stand spiders any more than the next person.

Except for the Salticidae, or Jumping Spider. If spiders were cars, we’d be looking at a Lotus or similar right now. They are small, sleek and kind of cute.

Normally I’d spend time trying to identify a more specific name for my catch, but with over 500 genera among 5000 species of Salticidae, I’m happy to let this ride.

Measuring up to a maximum of about 2cm in size, this tiny arachnid are far more aware of our presence than we are of theirs.


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