May 4th – Plane Spotting

Fishing among the birds

With an airport errand to run, I had a chance to try something that I’d always wanted to do – give one of the best camera lenses on the market a run.

The lens in question is the Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS, and made possible by a very good friend who lent me the hardware for a wedding shoot recently. On that day it was used to provide amazing close-ups without needing to be in the newlyweds faces. Today we’re at the other end (200mm) of the focal range.

Technically speaking …. 200mm x 1.6 (due to my APS-C, or “crop” camera sensor) effectively meant my focal range was around the 320mm mark.

To take this photo I’m standing near the Port Botany boat ramp, which you can access from Foreshore Road in Port Botany. It’s a popular fishing spot boat launching area, and has a break-wall stretching directly towards the East-West runways.

From this point you’re about 200-300 metres from the airstrip.

Despite being mildly entertained by jets taking off and landing, I’m no plane spotter. I did learn however that by Google’ing the code on the plane, you can get an in-depth rundown of the life of the aircraft, from conception, through to the commencement of its commercial career, and even historical and future flight data.

Or you can ask a plane spotter. I tried this at work, and received pretty much the same information, with additional information relating to said Plane Spotter’s trips on that particular vessel.

However my mind still boggles – despite the heavy industry, there were dozens of eager fisherman anticipating their catch, from every vantage point as you can see from the photo.


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