April 25th – The storm before the calm

The Storm before the calm

This is the moment when the fringes of a freak storm passed over the Henley ferry wharf area. The wind instantly turned icy and the normally docile Parramatta River was whipped into waves.

The second photo was taken when viewing the approaching storm from my street. Note the dirty brown colour on the fringes of the lower cloud, it was really ominous.

We copped a little hail, but it came as no surprise that some parts of Sydney received more than us. Much, much more.

However processing this photo made me realise how useful Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush tool can be.

The Adjustment Brush gives you the ability to tweak specific areas which you ‘mask’. This is similar to how I used brushes in Aperture, which would only applied a specific effect to the area I worked on.

Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush is a much easier way to do this, with all of the usual sliders available to apply changes specifically to the masked area.

Storm over suburbia


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