April 23rd – Changing is everything

Old Fence

I took a photo of this old fence on the recent farm-walk. It was something that my eye took in when walking around, but I wasn’t able to reproduce an image I was happy with.

It’s not just the local grubs transforming. With each passing day I’m becoming less “Aperture” and more “Lightroom”.

It wasn’t until I synched a handful of images to my iPad using Creative Cloud, and edited the photo in Lightroom Mobile. Like most mobile apps it is basically driven by presets, but there are dozens to work with.

In this case I started tinkering at work, and found the black and white effect I was after. I put the finishing touches together (better cloud tones) using Lightroom on my Mac later that evening, and shared it with the world.

Despite Lightroom having that “new car” smell about it, I’m feeling more confident using it going forward. What’s even better this mornings major version upgrade. As a Creative Cloud member I’m now a Lightroom v6 user.

The major improvement will be felt by retina Mac users. In Lightroom 5 many of the controls were laggy, specifically the Adjustment Tool. This has been addressed in LR6, and it’s a huge improvement. Using the Adjustment Tool is now a delight.

Lightroom 6 also brings with it HDR processing and Panorama stitching. Both of them quite ‘vanilla’, but Adobe can now boast the functionality I guess.

The timing of the upgrade also means I have 7 days remaining (from my initial 30) to decide if I will use Photoshop in the next 11 months. If not, I can receive a full refund from Creative Cloud, and look to purchase Lightroom 6 as a standalone product.


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